"Academic" business center

Year: 2015

Size: 47 256 sq.m

Services: Concept, Design documents, Working drawings

Project team leader: Yuliy Borisov

   The business center is located along Vernadsky Avenue, supporting historically developed line of the site development. The transport decision provides division of access roads to different levels of the closed parking, thereby reducing traffic in time rush hour and providing comfort to employees.
   The building represents the uniform complex consisting of several various functional zones, combining modern European architecture, functionalism, the monumental image of the area and elements of a natural landscape in the image. The main fourteen-floor volume in the plan looks in the form of a lens. The chosen form of the plan allows "to facilitate" visually the high volume of the building and to open views of the neighboring building of MRUCC (Moscow Regional Union of Customers Co-operation) from Vernadsky Avenue as much as possible.
   Improvement created a pedestrian street along the main facade with zones for rest, planting and a place of attraction - a big sculpture in the form of glasses. Possibility of driving of guests of the business center directly to a main entrance is provided.