The Mandarin Hotel Complex

Year: 2015

Size: 60 000 sq.m

Services: Architectural concept

   The architectural solution of the multifunctional complex with the Mandarin oriental hotel is part of the Zaryadie park ensemble and creates a single composition with the Philharmonic Orchestra building. The complex is a harmonious symbiosis of modern and classic architecture with the preservation of historical details.
   The image of the building is in harmony with the existing historical buildings of the China-town district thanks to the classical solution of the facades facing Varvarka Street and Kitaygorodsky driveway with the Zaryadie landscape park due to the modern solutions in building facades using glass, thus, recreating the uniqueness of the place.
   The transition from classical to modern forms is smooth due to the facade plasticity. The volume of the building is reduced in the direction of the park, creating the terraces, revealing the views of the park and the Kremlin to the full. The building plan is a "tree leaf" with two atriums: the one, which is closed, in the area of the hotel, and the second one is open in the apartment area. The historic facades of the courtyards have been recreated in the interior of the indoor atrium of the hotel.