National Center for Contemporary Art

Year: 2013

Size: 46 500 sq.m

Client: National center for contemporary art

Services: Concept

Project team leader: Yuliy Borisov

   Contemporary art — the fine line between the obvious and the unpredictable, the simple and the impossible, the understandable and the unintelligible, the monotonous and the exhilarating. It’s what touches our soul and motivates us to pursue radical new ideas.
    The NCCA building is inextricably linked to contemporary modern art. It is the architectural embodiment of this fine line, the border space, the curtain behind which lies the answers to the cultural issues affecting us today. The building, artificial lake and surrounding park in essence represent a single surface — a clean canvas ready for creative experiments. A 216 x 72 meter monolithic wall marks the border, effectively, symbolizing the line beyond which the joy of modern art can be experienced. In addition, this feature wall conceals all service areas of the shopping centre “Aviapark” located adjacent to the museum complex. The main boulevard represents the path to art, a ray of light, penetrating through the crevasse, illuminating the surrounding park with a brilliant specter of light. The form of the building is inspired by the