Monument to the victims of political repressions

Year: 2015

Services: Concept

Project team leader: Yuliy Borisov

   The architectural concept of UNK project bureau allows paying tribute to the memory of each victim of political repressions. Driving or passing along a memorial, the citizen sees metal steles from 4 to 5 meters high with engraved names. Plates are located rather densely and form the symbolical wood or a cemetery in which it is possible to get lost. Thus, the visitor visually understands how large-scaled the tragedy was.
   Having come to the bridge gallery, the visitor can estimate coverage and mass character of introduction of labor camps not only in emotional, but also in graphical representation. On the symbolical map of the Soviet Union metal vertical steles marked the largest congestions of labor camps. It is hardly possible to pass between them. In the composite center they occupy practically all visual space. The symbolical USSR card on the one hand is fenced with a concrete wall, from another one with metal roundabout gallery. It is a metaphorical image of the imprisoned country, the zone -country. The process of scaling and descending the bridge is also rather symbolical, it reminds of horrors of stages to camps. Having gone down from the bridge, the visitor gets to the lowered southern part and gets to the space, sequestering from city bustle and noise.