Atomic Energy Pavilion in the territory of VDNH

Year: 2015

Size: 24 889 sq.m

Plot square: 0,56 ha

Client: Rosatom

Services: Concept

Project team leader: Yuliy Borisov

   At creation of an image of the building architects of UNK project tried to abstract from the simply obvious associations with atom or nuclear power. The space of pavilion has to be innovative, so, in a sense, aspire to challenge stereotypes and to be open for everything new. 
It is, first of all, the comfortable and adaptive environment for visitors of VDNH. The visitor, having appeared in this space, will read out a new code of nuclear power – openness, availability, informational content, interactivity.
   The console, covering universal exhibition space of the temporary exposition, can be interpreted as a wave, a smooth trajectory of the movement of an electron in atom, the abstract dynamic form, symbolizing energy. With its bend it maintains plasticity of the dome of “Kosmos” pavilion and figuratively interacts with it.
   The pavilion of “Rosatom” corporation represents the structure of a simple geometrical form.
   The superstructure is diagonally divided into two zones — opened and closed. The open part has the glazed facade. It is the universal exhibition space intended mainly for the replaceable exposition and active transit of public. Huge glass "show-window", with constantly replaced exposition and free access, will make pavilion a point of a constant attraction for visitors.
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