Development concept of the territory Technopark.Skolkovo

Year: 2013-2014

Size: 11 500 sq.m

Client: SKM Group

Services: Concept, Design documents, Author supervision

Project team leader: Yuliy Borisov


   The residential quarter is located in the territory of VC "Skolkovo" and is intended for accommodation of teachers and students of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, employees of key partners of the university town.
   The harmonious combination of a comfortable urban environment and natural landscape is the cornerstone of the concept.
   Proceeding from the set high density of the building and desire to minimize physical protections of sites (fences) public and private zones are differentiated on levels by means of artificial difference of the relief. At the lower level there are non-residential premises, loopback drives for electric cars, cycle tracks, internal boulevard with planting, hard landscaping and playgrounds, all these are built in a relief. The top level (an artificial relief) forms the planted trees and shrubs roof together with private house adjoining space (terraces, gardens and elements of improvement). This decision allows to increase the area of green plantings considerably.
   The object is planned to be certified according to the environmental standard of LEED. The project provides recycling of waters, purification of thawed and rainwater, automatic control of signals through operations control centre, management of illumination of the general zones and street lighting.