Kashirskiy shopping center

Year: 2013

Size: 172 900 sq.m

Services: Concept

Project team leader: Yuliy Borisov

   Its maximum integration into existing urban environment will become the main feature of a new multipurpose complex. The project unites in itself functions of the large shopping city center and the street retail: on the first floor there will be rooms with show-windows and separate entrances from the street. Panoramic windows of restaurants and open summer terraces face an apple-tree garden and park near Kashirsky shopping center. The territory of a complex has the big planting area which also includes numerous trees and bushes in a courtyard on a complex roof. The object is noted for quiet, refined architecture repeating a rhythm of facades of surrounding building and serves as a transitional element between houses of the 80s and park zone of Borisovsky ponds.