Mixed-use center Metropolis - 2

Year: 2013

Size: 58 500 sq.m

Services: Concept, Author supervision

Project team leader: Yuliy Borisov


   The project is approved by architectural council of Moscow.
    Architectural bureau UNK project executed the development of front decisions and updating of planning concepts of the second turn of Metropolis shopping center.
    In the project construction of a foot way which will go over the automobile route adjacent to object is provided. The way will connect the projected transport hub of Moscow railway with Voykovskaya metro station crossing both sides of shopping center. Architects of UNK project offered to consider this building in a format of city shopping center with a big area of show-windows and visual openness to the city. Improvement of the adjacent territory, planting of additional bushes and trees and also arrangement of the nearby square is planned.