Residential Complex in Kazan

Year: 2015

Size: 15 000 sq.m

Services: Concept

Project team leader: Yuliy Borisov

   The project envisages the construction of a residential compound with developed social function and underground parking. The compound consists of two volumes, interconnected with a drawbridge at the level of the 2nd floor. 
   The residential building is planned to represent a 16-storey ellipsoidal volume.
   The second floor of the residential building provides for its residents an organized access via the drawbridge to the landscaped walkable roof for strolls and recreation activities. 
   In designing the exterior of the residential compound, the designers were faced with a challenge of creating a modern, premium and memorable architecture, harmoniously blended with the existing skyline. The facade of the building consists of variously sized rectangular cells filled with frameless stained-glass. The facade of the public building is made of continuous stained glass and functions as a backdrop to the residential building. 
   The apartment layouts feature balconies with frameless glasses, which can be partially or completely removed when opening the balcony. 
   The inner wall of the balcony is a convertible stained-glass window which can be completely opened in the summertime to increase the actual area of the apartment and create a single space with the balcony.