L'Oreal Academy

Year: 2011

Size: 1 500 sq.m

Client: L'Oreal

Services: Schematic design, Working drawings, Author supervision

Project team leader: Julia Tryaskina


   The new educational center is intended for training of professionals in the sphere of beauty. The L'Oréal academy includes training classes, a recreation area for students, the teacher’s room and the research center. All rooms are separated by 3D-wall which became the main highlight of the project and a uniting dominant in an interior. Different philosophies of brands were transferred by having established banners with changing thematic images near educational audiences. 
In classes both theoretical and practical trainings are carried out. To create multipurpose space mobile partitions were used. With their help during short break it is easy to turn educational audience into hairdresser's salon.
   During design architects also solved a number of the difficult technical questions connected with ventilation, water supply, the sewerage and electro providing.
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