Family Club Ribambelle in the City

Year: 2016

Size: 1 100 sq.m

Services: Concept, Schematic design, Working drawings

Project team leader: Julia Tryaskina

   The architects were faced with the task of creating not just the image and mood of the interior, but, first of all, organizing the space as a whole, linking many different functions together and making the family club comfortable, safe and interesting for children from 1.5 to 13 years old. Each zone is devoted to its own theme. So, the entrance space is one big art object that carries visitors to London. In the teenage zone we happen to be inside a computer game. A children's town is a visual embodiment of the information and media images that have been around us since childhood.
    The unifying elements of the entire space are: "sky" with clouds-lamps and deaf "acoustic" clouds, floating from room to room, graffiti-doodle on the walls, general navigation based on signs of geolocation.