Actis Wunderman office

Year: 2014

Size: 1 400 sq.m

Services: Architectural concept, Tender package, Engineering solutions, Author supervision

Project team leader: Nikolay Milovidov

   Actis Wunderman is the leader in the field of digital-marketing in the Russian market. The desire to create an office which fully opens an independent way of thinking of agency was the cornerstone of idea of the organization of the office space. For this purpose the platform with the special atmosphere in "Arma" the quarter of creativity, was chosen. 
   The new office represents an open space with accurate zoning – from the most silent department (with offices for directors and accountant department) to the noisiest and the most creative through an account-zone and guest lounge. The customer initially set the accurate task to create a separate client zone from where guests mustn’t get to office. Thus in the plan a closed lounge with two glass doors (one of them is a false door) through which the customer can peep at working process without distracting employees appeared. Besides, glass partitions are additional light source.
   The separate entrance for workers which opens directly into a working zone is made.