“Alcohol Siberian Group” office

Year: 2014

Size: 1 650 sq.m

Services: Schematic design, Working drawings, Author supervision

Project team leader: Nikolay Milovidov

   Architects were faced by a task to create the bright, comfortable office reflecting corporate stylistics of the company and its roots. 
   Of course, architects started out from the Siberian roots of the company. But doing this, tried to avoid too severe and cold atmosphere at the office. The decision is developed using a non-standard and complex combination of two colours — pistachio green and gray-blue.
   The bright spots, arising as chairs and cases in the waiting area, in separating baffles and acoustical panels, in carpet drawing, illumine and soften the interior. The third color, corporate saturated blue, is entered as small details: chairs in the main meeting room, top parts of mobile drawer units in a working zone.
   Communication zones became the brightest: the separate room for creative meetings, so-called brain room and cafeteria, special room for team creative work.