Year: 2012 - 2013

Size: 28 000 sq.m


Services: Schematic design, Design, Tender package, Structural design, Working drawings, Author supervision

Project team leader: Nikolay Milovidov


   The project of new headquarters was chosen by the results of competition in which 19 companies participated. The emphasis was laid on mobile, most free and functional space. Practically all rooms here can be used differently, in two or even several functional options.
   On the first floor there is a gym with a full-fledged field for five-a-side which less than in two hours can be transformed to a conference room for 500 places.
   The second floor is occupied by visitatorial meeting rooms and a lounge -zone with Movie Theater on 70 places for employees. It can also be used for carrying out small conferences and presentations: it is enough to replace cozy padded stools with chairs, and a projector with multimedia screens.