MARS office

Year: 2015

Size: 7 709 sq.m

Client: MARS

Services: Design, Working drawings, Author supervision

Project team leader: Nikolay Milovidov

   The architects were faced with the task of developing and implementing the concept of ONE MARS, that is, creating an office in which all divisions of the company are gathered under one roof. At the same time, it was necessary to reflect two, in fact, opposite messages: a single company consisting of lots of segments on the one hand, and the individuality of each brand on the other.
    The new MARS office is located on four floors of the business center "Alcon" - each floor is occupied by one of the company's divisions. The space on all floors is organized upon one principle, where the best spaces lit with natural light from the windows are given to the working open-space, the meeting rooms are located around the inner atrium of the business centre, and the service and auxiliary rooms are located in the back of the office. As a matter of fact, they as well as zones of hot-desks and informal communication make it possible to break up a single open-space. Thus, there is no sense of a large empty "glade" with workplaces.