ProfMedia Managment/ Central Partnership office

Year: 2013

Size: 2 270 sq.m

Client: ProfMedia

Services: Schematic design, Design, Tender package, Working drawings, Author supervision

Project team leader: Nikolay Milovidov

   The unusual stylistics of the office were chosen by the customer being guided by own taste and desire to create the cozy house atmosphere. The idea of the non-standard office reminding rather French cafe or a dwelling loft was also actively supported by architects.
    The esthetics of the old industrial building excellently served the set purposes but it appeared not so easy to select suitable furniture and materials: objects "house" by their form had to possess the certain characteristics meeting the rigid requirements of working space. Thus the interior had to make impression existing for decades, the customer simply put "the" furniture, hung up some chandeliers and all the rest has already been here.