Disney office

Year: 2012

Size: 1 235 sq.m

Client: Disney

Services: Schematic design, Design, Working drawings, Working drawings, Author supervision

Project team leader: Nikolay Milovidov

   In this project the customer wanted to show fantastic, game atmosphere corresponding to the spirit of the company. Architects faced the task to create complex, creative space - the magic world of Disney within one office. As a result the basis of the design project was formed by the story of travel of “Alice in Wonderland” and all volume of office was mould into mysterious wood by means of decorative ways. Planning represents some kind of chessboard on which checkered patterns are working zones, offices, meeting rooms, etc. Passing on it, the visitor has an opportunity to look at the events in each "pattern" as if from the outside, sometimes almost spying, exactly as Alice did.
   One more idea which was embodied in new office is a labyrinth. Between rooms there are no passes through, but there are scenarios of convenient movement.