International airport "Bolshoe Savino"

Year: 2015

Size: 19 108 sq.m

Services: Concept, Tender package

Project team leader: Julia Tryaskina

   The solution of internal space of the airport completely reflects the general concept of an architectural image of the building. Conceptual solutions of an entrance lobby become reflection and smooth transition of monumental art shape of the facade executed in the spirit of the Perm wood carving. Thus, the concept keeps functionality and comfort of modern space. So the key element of facade, a huge “wing of an angel”, becomes the main composition of the top part of the main entrance. The glass roof crowning ceiling part of a lobby perfectly lights space and carries out decorative function, giving bright figurativeness of the architectural concept.
   The entrance itself presented in the form of a snow-white portal finds reflection in the kerlite poles located opposite to it. Difficult forms of poles form two-level space. At the first level registration counters are situated and a landing zone of passengers is on the second level.