The Central Children's Shop

Year: 2013-2014

Size: 17 426 sq.m

Services: Schematic design, Design, Author supervision

Project team leader: Julia Tryaskina

   The building of children's shop on Lubyanka, built in 1957, is an object of cultural heritage of regional value. During the work town-planning characteristics of the building, elevation marks, silhouette, volume and spatial structure, composition, architectural appearance of facades and historical function of the building were preserved. The design project of interiors is developed with the assistance of architectural bureau UNK project.
   The main idea of the project consists in stratification of cultural layers - the space, created on Dushkin’s project, is gradually coming to life. At once the visitor gets on an old square with the clock, but the upper he goes, the more considerably interior changes, gaining modern lines. Interactive zones with the training programs for children, the museum of the childhood with unique toys, library start to appear closer to the dome. On the last floor there is the space food court under multicoloured stained-glass panels.