Entrance area of the residential complex ONLY

Year: 2016

Size: 1 600 sq.m

Services: Concept, Tender package

Project team leader: Julia Tryaskina

   The concept of ONLY entrances follows the contrast and interchange of warm and cold colours. Their interaction renders the compound's interior vigorous and authentic. Just like the sight of golden-hued leaves warm up the cold autumn days, the key elements of the interior convey the natural softness of the wood and sparkling brightness of the bronze to warm the first penetrable area for the incomer.
   The dominant feature of the interior is its decorative relief, an art object that symbolizes the rhythm of modern life, indispensable without rest and comfort of the home. It is the place where you can pass the night to start all over again in the morning.
   The hallmark of each entrance lobby is a perforated plate with a picture of a person's face, acting as a silent concierge.