Entrance area of the Residential Complex "Heart of the Capital"

Year: 2016

Size: 531 sq.m

Client: DonStroy

Services: Concept

Project team leader: Julia Tryaskina

   Under the design project, design of the entrance area, elevator halls and halls on the residential floors was developed. The key architects' idea was to join two quite different ideas in the single space: on one side – homeliness and harmony with nature, on the other side - rhythm and complexity of a big city.
   The dominating feature in the interior design are effective 3D panels creating the fascinating kaleidoscope and unmatched play of light and shadow. 3D structure in the truest sense of the word reflects original corporate identity of the "Heart of the Capital". The architects added such a new element as the fireplace, which creates the atmosphere of comfort and serenity, to make you feel yourself like home right from the entrance of the building and leave all your concerns "behind the doorstep». As a result, the entrance walkway structures become an original portal, which is connecting large forms of the city with the small form of an apartment. Clear colour combinations on the floors and walls (matted ceramic granite and parging of cream and coffee colours) are amplified with the vivid accents of the brick red and cherry colours as well as with the various live plants.