Hall of official receptions

Year: 2011

Size: 1 200 sq.m

Services: Schematic design, Working drawings, Author supervision

Project team leader: Julia Tryaskina

   For architects of UNK project it is not the first work with government institutions. In such projects the main task is to pay attention to details, the importance of the room. So that visitors would understand that they are at the public institution just after they entered the door. It is reached in the different ways.
   Firstly, in the project simple natural materials, such as a stone and a tree are used. Besides, in Voronezh we were initially lucky with the premise. The hall of receptions is situated in a fine “Stalin building" which already itself emphasizes the statehood on proportions of rooms. Architects tried to give to interiors modern sounding, to make reading of interpretation of statehood in 21 centuries.