Best Office Awards 2012

   The Project "Telekominvest" was nominated for the award Best Office Awards-2012.
   Activity of JSC “Telekominvest” is connected with implementation of telecommunication projects, attraction of investments for granting modern communication services to clients.
   Creation of new office was dictated by the objective reasons. Because of jams the entrance to available office of the company became complicated and the design of rooms of “bank of the end of the 90th” didn't meet style requirements of a developing brand. Architects were faced by a problem of creation of a stylish, elegant and timeless interior. And the customer asked that everything should be made “on half tones” which is rather refined but not conservative, original and unlike interiors of the IT companies.
   The new office “Belaya Ploshad’” in the business center has a convenient angular arrangement with fenestration on three sides. It was logical to use this feature. Offices for 1-2 persons were situated along a facade which made a basis of seating chart of employees and also a small working zone in an open-space.
   In the central part of office remote from natural lighting, in white volume technical rooms were grouped. There is walk-in closet, mini-kitchen, server and archives. For this volume shattered into utility rooms was perceived adequately it was necessary to find an interesting figurative decision for it. Moreover it was the first zone being seen when entering. So there was an idea of art object, a certain “arrived from space” overseas structure bearing a faint resemblance to a tape of the teletype. It was decided to diversify Corian cover by means of a running line. Behind one of the stripes the thin LED panel was assigned to which a company greeting, news of the RBC channel and other information are periodically brought.
   Nikolay Milovidov, the chief architect of UNK project: «We faced certain difficulties during the work on in Corian structure. The matter is that technologies by means of which the image with the good permission would be output to a curvilinear surface are only taking roots in the West . But to our surprise one of our contractors found the bent diode panel we needed in China. Actually it is a thin plastic on which any image can be projected. In Telekominvest this plastic tape is hidden in office under one of the “waves” in which thinner than other sheets of Corean is used. This product is still delivered only strictly on domestic market therefore the panel was bought for us by our Chinese companions and delivered here in almost detective way.»