"Mayak" in Dubna

   At the end of August architects of company UNK project completed the prosecution of interiors of shopping center "Mayak" in Dubna. The structural concept and the embodiment of the idea of the project took ten month. The customer decided to enlist the services of architects to the prosecution of center at the latest moment when the complex has been built a long time ago.
   The workshop faced the task to make the mall an unusual and, at the same time, family place for resting people of all ages. The architects have developed several concepts. While creating the project for "Mayak" the authors tried to focus on the name of the shopping center to make the interior recognizable but at the same time to get away from the trite "sea" theme. The idea of strips in the complex came from this idea. Primarily the floors were decided to be divided by different colors like the beams of the lighthouse. Therefore, each level of the center supports the generally striped idea and has its own color. It was made to facilitate orientation in space. So it will be easier for visitors to remember what is there on the floor.
   It is worth noting that the architects had some difficulties in the course of the project. "There were technical errors in design and architecture, says GAP UNK project Juliya Tryaskina , that’s why the fight for the round columns was for dear life. And we are very proud that we’ve defended this decision because thanks to it the atrium surely won. It became light, airy and colorful."
   Supporting the idea of beams in atrium floor setting the designers created shadows resembling the beacon lights on the water flow. Long candelabrums on the ceiling also symbolize the beams. According to the designers, this concept of the complex has performed all the tasks faced the Bureau and made the Center original and recognizable.