GRAND PRIX awarded

   For the second year running UNK project architectural firm is awarded the most prestigious prize in the world of office industry - Best Office Awards. The award ceremony for the best office interior was on May, 19 in the MFK, "Gorod Stolits". Guests of the event were representatives of more than 1500 companies and corporations, tenants and representatives of customer services, architects, designers, developers, builders, Project managers, producers and suppliers of solutions and services for the modern office.
   Grand Prix was awarded to Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing Office of UNK project architectural firm. This project was implemented in 2010. In the new office the architects managed to place the two separate spaces optimally - a working office and a guest area with a cinema.
   As one of the sponsors Nicholay Milovidov said, the development of cinema was one of the main difficulties of the project. After all, it was required to organize a high-quality sound Dolby Stereo, which would not be heard outside. To solve this problem, the authors of the project removed the rigid joints of walls, floors and ceilings in the interior, making the connections "floating", eliminating the transmission of vibration. Nikolay Milovidov, the chief architect of the UNK project, said: «We are grateful to the organizers and the jury for an objective evaluation of the nominees. So it's a special honor for us to be marked in such a prestigious architectural award. The Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing Office demande from us unusual design solutions. It's nice that he has earned such a high appraisal"