Foreign accent in the Russian architecture

Russia was always open for cooperation with foreign experts. Especially this tendency developed in the architectural sphere. It is worth remembering that in 15-16 centuries two well-known cathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin – Uspensky and Arkhangelsky – were constructed by Italians, Aristotle Fiorovanti and Aleviz Novym. 
   The list is continued by such pearls of Petersburg as the Peter and Paul and Isaakiyevsky cathedrals (architects Domenico Trezzini and August Montferrand), the Zimniy palace (Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli), Exchange Ensemble on Spit of Vasilevsky Island (Tom de Tomon). The Russian architects adopting great Italians experience and culture of town planning created masterpieces. Thus there are such buildings as the Kazan cathedral (Andrey Voronikhin), the Admiralty (Adrian Zakharov), the Academy of Arts in Petersburg (Alexander Kokorinov). 
   In the XX century this tradition of interpenetration of cultures and styles was interrupted by the Soviet power which preferred ideological creativity to architectural. But the Soviet power was mistaken in durability of the last. And nowadays architects of Europe and Russia are interesting to each other again. We speak about it with Yuliy Borisov, the member of the Moscow architectural society, the founder and the chief architect of UNK project bureau.