“The International Method”


   The Union of the Moscow architects within the 2.0 program represents a master class of Yuliy Borisov “ An international method”.
   The UNK project bureau was founded in 2000 by three architects – Yuliy Borisov, Nikolay Milovidov and Julia Tryaskina. In those days the creation of own workshop was not an easy thing especially if founders set before themselves the ambitious goal to embody those principles and methods of conducting design business which each of them learned during their studying and working abroad on Russian soil. The western model with all its appeal and luster demanded from the apologists the highest level of professionalism, without indulgences on traditional complaints about low-quality construction and not always refined taste of customers. And the young team could reach a goal. First, without pursuing project size the UNK project bureau successfully subdued the market of residential and office interiors as well as private country architecture and retail. Gradually the range of projects extended, including more and more scale projects.
   The necessity of coming of UNK project bureau into the format of extensional urban design became obvious. It had already been confirmed with victories in the international competition for residential quarters of the innovative center “Skolkovo” (2012) and in the closed competition on the building of the second stage of the Empire Tower complex in the Moscow City this year (2013).It became obvious that the new team having modern international approach to architecture and measuring its quality with the level of personal comfort entered a row of leading Moscow bureaus working with an urban environment.
   “Working in the western companies, we acquired that quality of object can be measured only by set of its architectural, functional and operational characteristics … The qualitative architecture is an architecture which you are not ashamed of. The one which doesn't cause neither rejection nor desire to change something urgently or at least to correct. Quality is when people use the building every day and stop noticing that it exists. From the point of view of the end user, quality of architecture is correspondence to industrial building for responsible money” – this is the way Julius Borisov defines the professional method.
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