How to tie employees to office?

   Did you drag to work today hardly moving your feet? Or did you run skipping? Employers design offices so that to squeeze maximum out of you. How do they manage to do this? Read the interview of Nikolay Milovidov the co-owner of architectural bureau UNK project of Could you depict, please, the tendencies of development of office space: whether there are distinctions between the Russian office and, for example, French? 
   Nikolay Milovidov: Let's begin with that the office serves business and business is globalizing. Therefore it is difficult to define whether it is Russian or French office. They have certain differences but they are connected rather with a temporary factor. Trends of design arise in Europe and in America and, as a result, changes begin there. But all offices are absolutely different. As there are no two identical businesses, there can't be two identical offices. Now as to tendencies. For example, nowadays top management of the companies actively borrows ideas on space ordering from hotels. Try to find by unaided eye differences between reception of hotel and corporation office. It is not for nothing lounge-zones got to a chain of loans as a component of a hotel lobby. Businessmen travel around the world a lot and get used to communicating in lounge as it is fast, conveniently and informally. They introduce these elements into office. The mission person arrived, for example, and you can arrange a blitz dialogue with him without special formalities. Training function got into office as well. Earlier the personnel was taken on seminars “to fields” out from office and now this process registered in office. This leads to necessity for certain types of business to turn meeting room into conference hall with one press of the button.