Office mythology

   On April 26 in St. Petersburg the first annual international conference "Office SBR" took place in which Nikolay Milovidov took an active part. The Baltic Project magazine acted as the organizer of the event.
   Conference was opened by the report about promptly being transformed typology of office space made by the architect Peter Sachlin, the partner of the Swedish bureau pS Arkitektur. Serious changes in planning of offices began in connection with extension of IT technologies. They provoked final transition from hierarchical division of office space to the open space format for which "functionality" and "creativity" became the key words. Today the office works as the marketing tool generating an intellectual community round itself. 
   In continuation Nikolay Milovidov noticed that development of office space is moved not by self-expression of the architect but by the change of business and its inquiries. For example, law office with high level of internal security doesn’t care about trends and new standards of work. If to speak about implementation of the concept of open space, it is important to understand that the main problem here is to organize an opportunity for employees to communicate without disturbing each other in open space. In particular, by means of turn of chairs on 45 degrees the negotiation zone is organized, however to get there it isn't necessary for the worker not only to rise from a place but even to move a chair. In conclusion Nikolay noticed: the central meaning of open office space consists in refusal of hierarchical distribution of places, however even in the open space format there is the position competition (closer to the window, a separate little table, etc.).