Moscow Design Week

   Since October 11 till October 16 Moscow turned into the center of the international design of the highest level. The capital was visited by outstanding innovators of our time: trend setters Giulio Kappellini and Li Edelkort, the wizard of light Ingo Maurer, the original and techno esthete Ron Gilad, the artist macro - Iacopo Fodzhini's art objects, the inventor of new clothes Manel Torres and other generators of innovative design projects.
   Among the numerous installations presented at the Moscow Design Week 2011 exhibition, the work of architects of UNK project should be emphasized.
   In Chocolate shop on "Red October" Yuliy Borisov and Evgeniy Shchetinkin arranged the project for the Russian edition of the Objekt magazine. Architects were faced by a task to submit the magazine about spatial things - interiors and architecture.
    "It had to become a dream in which you have other dream. For this purpose we allocated pieces of space, having limited them to red cubes. In them we placed photos of the sign interiors published in the magazine. For strengthening of effect of being in other space we used the Philips lamps which have been picked up under stylistics of this or that interior" - Yuliy Borisov says.