Nikolay Milovidov. Interior of the working room

   "The office in the modern world it is one of the most powerful HR tools of corporate services which are engaged in selection and personnel rating — the architect Nikolay Milovidov (architectural bureau UNK project) considers — not only financial working conditions but also an interior of the working room define a choice of a new place of work". 
   "At work people spend considerable time therefore it is necessary to create the maximum convenient, functional space. It is necessary that the person at the very first stage of communication with the employer, on the interview, would see all features of future workplace. Our new project company office is the direct proof. In an interior of the working room are entered the multipurpose sports hall which is transformed to the room for conferences, a hall for fitness, a zone for yoga, a lounge-zone where it is possible to have a rest. For the command and project work a lot of open spaces and negotiation are provided. There is no "design for the sake of design". Behind any design decision either serious philosophical thought or very powerful utilitarian function is covered".