Nikolay Milovidov at the Forum of Administrative Directors

   Nikolay Milovidov, the cofounder and the chief architect of UNK project bureau will take active part in the annual Forum of administrative directors organized by RBC media holding. In discussion focus are the most topical questions interesting for administrative personnel today: how to pass through the approaching crisis with the minimum losses, how to reduce the company expenses, how to optimize processes in Administrative Office knowledgeably and rationally, the review of trends of corporate vehicle fleets, etc. 
   Key subjects: 
  •  Organization of office space. 
  •    Examples from practice Instruments of optimization of processes in Administrative
  •    Optimization of office expenses in the company 
  •    Cut in expenditure of Administrative Office in modern conditions 
  •    Lease of offices in crisis, etc. 

   Among speakers:
  • Vera Chelenk, chief of administrative department, BNP Paribas 
  •    Oksana Labunets, administrative director, NEO Center 
  •    Nikolay Milovidov, architect, Cofounder, UNK Project 
  •    Dmitry Streltsov, head of department of the general questions, Pernod Ricard Rouss 
  •    Dmitry Kopteltsev, administrator of the AHORUS portal 
  •    Natalya Filatova, head of Administrative Office, Luxoft 
  •    Elena Andreyeva, administrative director, PwC 
  •    Grigory Antsygin, managing director of administration, Renaissance Insurance 
  •    Anna Latkina-Turkova, administrative director, Mail.Ru Group 
  •    Marina Krechetnikova, administrative director, JTI 
  •    Alexander Pakhmutov, joint stock company "MEGA of Labs” 
  •    Alyona Kulachenkova director of administrative matters, PJSC “Sovkombank” 
  •    Oksana Leonenko, regional sales director, Marriott Hotel Holding