Nikolay Milovidov will pronounce within the frameworks of business program of Testing Future Forum

    On November 29 and 30 Nikolay Milovidov, the managing partner of "UNK project" and Oleg Knyazev, administrative director of the company MegaFon, will appear within the frameworks of the business program of Testing Future Forum and will share with the audience the particularities of work on the exceptional concept of the new project .
    OfficeNext Information Portal invites architects and designers to participate in Testing Future in Naberezhnaya Tower, a forum of leading concepts and solutions for commercial and public spaces, at the confluence of design, marketing and new technologies. The Forum will take place in the territory of 2,000 square meters of a specially developed hybrid space which unites conference, business and networking zones, cafe, show-rooms and stands in Trend Rooms format.
    The participants and the guests will have a highly topical business program devoted to new concepts, formats, advances ideas and solutions for commercial and public spaces.
    Key topics of the conference sessions:
• Innovations and new approaches in commercial real estate management;
• Methods and technologies permitting to make profitable service spaces of abandoned areas;
• Practical prospective of use big data, data driven, blockchain and other technologies of PropTech sector for developers, lessees and architects;
• Development of items of immovable property through participative and social engineering;
• Co-workings and corporations, new formats and concepts of working spaces;
• Hybrid spaces, new concepts of marketing and design for hotels, malls, educational systems and other public areas;
• Agile, adutainment-design and other concepts for new quality of work and life.