Premier display: offices of the companies Walt Disney, Microsoft and ASG

   The excursion on the Moscow offices of the companies The Walt Disney Company CIS, Microsoft Technology Center and the Alcoholic Siberian Group (ASG) organized together with the NAYADA company and architectural bureau UNK project took place last weekend. 
   Each office possessing unique architectural and design concepts demanded special approach and attention. For this reason journalists needed some hours to get acquainted with working spaces of the companies so unlike each other, to experience the atmosphere created by them and to understand all used technical novelties, “having literally tried" interiors on themselves. During communication with representatives of the companies journalists learned about process of creation of office starting with an idea to a final stroke, and also about experience of life in new conditions. 
   "The working spaces presented to journalists demonstrate recent trends and architectural techniques which are characteristic for the offices of the companies of various business orientation – manufacturing firm, the international media holding and hi-tech-corporation, – Nikolay Milovidov, the architect and the managing partner of architectural bureau UNK project says. – Individual design and planning decisions were developed for each case. Besides, this selection of offices allowed estimating them from a position of different degree of "habitable": the office before moving of employees (ASG), the office which has worked for some months (Microsoft) and the office which has lived for a year (Walt Disney)".