"Russkaya pesnya" The New Life of the Theater

   In 2009 investors of the MIDLAND DEVELOPMENT project invited the UNK project team for creation of interiors of the building of Russkaya Pesnya theater under construction. In October, 2011 long-awaited delivery of object is supposed.
    One of the authors of the project Nikolay Milovidov says: “The most fascinating in the project was the task sounded by both the customer and the art director of theater, Nadezhda Georgiyevna Babkina. The task was to minimize a subject arising in design “the Russian national”. The city considered this project as a universal concert venue with very high acoustic characteristics - the known German acoustic company was responsible for a sound - and “Russkaya Pesnya” wasn't accented. But at the same time, some imperceptible motives had to prompt gradually to the viewers where they were.
   In this direction we used such boundary receptions for subconsciousness as red color for some walls of the atrium, which is rather associated with Russia. On the main mirror wall of an atrium which is going down through the street from the adjoining building of the business center, opaque floral patterns from national creativity were “fragmentary started”. Roundish forms of wooden beds and rhombuses of acoustic diffusers in the auditorium also send to scenography of the Russian fairy tales. But, thus, the general perception of theater is absolutely modern . Here is a lot of light, glass, mirror and “fashionable” gray color. The most modern materials, the difficult acoustically counted surfaces of walls and many other things are used.
   We had to fight for such design decisions when passing Arts council in the Moscow City Architecture Committee .They were also set against “Russkaya Pesnya” and promoted the competitive project. But after our joint performance with Nadezhda Georgiyevna all doubts of officials in the excessive present were dispelled. The economic crisis became the second barrier on a way. We had to process the project under way to keep all main accents in interior on the one hand and with another - to help the customer to reduce the budget. In the project there are no expensive materials, everything is simple and easy in use, but conceived by us architectural receptions work”.