The Secret of Success has been Found Out

   On December 12 at 12.00 in the communication center Solo Office Interiors the architect and the managing partner of UNK project Nikolay Milovidov disclosed a secret of success of the company which is the winner of numerous awards and competitions. A lot of Moscow architects as well as partners and colleagues came to listen to him. According to Nikolay, the Secret of success of the company was defined by some factors: to undoubted talent the tempering school of the first years of work of bureau (the private order) was added. Long and fruitful communication with the private client (and it is not only residential interior but also trade rooms, restaurants, etc.) provided to architects invaluable experience in working in sphere surrounding the person in his life out of work. Now it allows UNK project to create unique, functional and not dull office projects which each time surprise with the technological and logical decisions. The individual approach of UNK project as a rule has an effect of the repeated address of the client, sometimes with even more complex challenge. Implementation of such projects defines advantage of UNK project. Ability to listen and ability to see a perspective of the room with which it is necessary to work, the decision-making speed, application of firm original lighting effects led the company to success.