Heart of the Grad


   To Walk on the well-known streets of the world capitals of fashion, to have a ride on the luxurious yacht and to relax in a shadow of a sakura . Authors of the project of unique food-court suggest such pastime to every visitor of Grad shopping center in Voronezh . Architects of UNK project workshop created this peculiar center of “Grad” for about half a year. And the center actually is the restaurant zone located in the main atrium, in the heart of trade space, and it attracts visitors, as a magnet.
   Architects of UNK project faced a difficult task. The customer wanted to unite some various restaurants – beer, youth and restaurant of Asian cuisine. They also had to be combined among themselves, harmoniously fit into trade space and to be fashionable. For this reason city, modern, comfortable, out of time style for the project was chosen. The traditional motives were used in setting. «For example, for sports bar we used a tree, luxurious yacht subject, white sofas, a dark wood, tables. Everything is a little bit yacht, sports, dynamic” the chief architect of UNK project of Juliya Tryaskina says.
   The shopping center is directed on family visits. A great number of people with different hobbies, addictions gathers in one place during the day. And food-court has to become a certain center where the family, depending on the habitual pastime would like to go to. For this reason authors of the project also had an idea of the mooring with different kitchens to which vessels moor. So the semicircular, oval form, symbolizing itself the boat was used.
   Architects wanted to make an impression of merchants who had arrived from different countries with various cuisines and put their little tables on the floor space treating locals with all viands. And, certainly, founders of food-court managed it.
   Boats –cafes unite among themselves with one general space which is kitchen. And this is the only thing in common between the restaurants.
   Food-court is a central square of “Grad” where during the fair different cuisines and nationalities came, and everything gathers together and exists in such a union supplementing each other.
   One of the cafes, FF is youth, fashionable cafe. Architects were faced by the task to make it possible not only to have dinner but also to carry out displays there. Therefore the idea of appearance of the streets, the cities, the fashion capitals appeared. So from the mooring with boats to shopping center there is a path, the shined podium on which various displays can be carried out.
   As materials authors of the project used various textures of plastic. And certainly, architects of UNK project experiment with light a lot at the food court. These included alit letters of fashion café, the lightning of the sport bar masts and soft lighting of a relax cafe.
   Generally, it was the first experience of food-court for UNK project. Before that, there were separate cafes and restaurants. But it was the first time when it was necessary to gather different types of one institution in such way that cafes did not contradict each other, and at the same time were different .They really turned out to be creatively different, not similar to each other but in keeping with each other. This mooring became the real heart of “Grad”.