Modern solutions of office interiors

   In an interior of office space as well as in other segments the trends are formed which are set not by fashion but by quite specific needs and an economic benefit. Nikolay Milovidov, the managing partner of architectural bureau UNK project told in more details what a modern effective interior of office is. 
   Any company is interested in that employees are concentrated at work and devote it as much time as possible. And if earlier enabling to work from home was a tendency now more and more large companies (for example, Yahoo and HP) began to return employees to workplaces for the purpose of productivity increase. Arising trends in an interior of offices where each zone has to promote productive comfortable work are directed on all this. 
   Usually the reception in business centers serves as some kind of control point where the person doesn’t stay for a long time. Nowadays functions of this zone are expanded a little. The idea was borrowed from the hotel segment. So the last trend is existence of comfortable space for communication whether it is soft padded stools or small little tables for negotiations. The main idea of the new concept is that it isn't necessary to look for a special place for short conversation and to take the visitor into the building. It is supposed that the space created in such way will be used both for business interaction with clients and colleagues and for short informal communication.