Triumphal victory

   Yesterday, on May 21, 2015, in conference center Swissotel Red Hills the international business Office & Design Dialogue conference on design and management of modern office took place and there took place the awards ceremony of winners of Best Office Awards 2015, a triumphal victory in which won architectural bureau UNK project. The GRAND PRIX received office of the international company PERNOD RICARD ROUSS; the office of the Microsoft Technology Center company became the winner in the nomination "Brand and Image". 
   PERNOD RICARD ROUSS - stylistics of this office architects conditionally call "The French cafe". Here fashionable bright accents and the cozy, deliberately "rendered habitable" atmosphere are harmoniously combined. It was important to create elegant and even aesthetic office with a big representative zone and possibility of carrying out various on a format actions: from conferences and the training seminars to informal parties. 
   MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY CENTER is a platform for presentations of new products and technologies, carrying out lectures and trainings, testings of the advanced decisions. There are some "usual" workplaces, the others are intended for participants of trainings and presentations. The customer wanted that the interior of the technological center was simple and comfortable. Therefore here everything is most reserved in color, white surfaces generally prevail. Revival of space happens only thanks to upholstered furniture of bright colours and a graphical carpet a bit in a style of the sixtieth. It, perhaps, the only bright spots at all office besides color illumination of a reception desk and the glass "exhibition" server.