UNK project to develop a design project of entrances for RC Royal Square

   UNK project will develop a design project of the public space and lobby in the residential complex Royal Square by Coalco and MR Group. 
   The business class residential complex Royal Square has a unique concept. The heart of the complex is the Royal Pavilion built in 1882 by the All-Russian Industrial and Art Exhibition. Opposite this building, there will be an area with fountains, which will turn into an ice rink in the winter. Around the pavilion, there are four buildings – the Catherine, the Romanov, the Petrovskiy and the Alexander buildings, named in honor of the members of the Romanov dynasty. The close connection with the history is reflected in the interiors of the Residential Complex. 
   "Creating interiors of entrances of the Royal Square complex, we have tried to beat the classic images of different styles and eras, and translate them into a modern language, understandable to a modern human being," says Julia Tryaskina, a co-founder and the chief architect of UNK project. - The interior is quite laconic with some accents of bright elements such as the color of malachite of Catherine's building. In addition, we toyed with the proportions of the rooms on the scale, which the room allowed: somewhere, we have lifted the ceiling to the maximum to show the greatness, and in some cases, we added some more intimacy. " 
   The interior of the Alexander building refers to the era of the Empire, which is characterized by the theatricality, the symmetry, and the use of ancient sculptural elements. The three primary colors - blue, white, and dark brown create a general calm and solemn interior orientation. The golden details enrich the decoration.    More: http://stroyspace.ru/news_developers/arkhitiekturnoie_biuro_unkproject_razrabotaiet_dizain_proiekt_obshchiestviennykh_prostranstv_i_lobbi_v_zhk_tsarskaia_ploshchad_