UNK project developed the interior design for RC Subbota

   UNK project architectural bureau has developed a design project of the public areas at RC Subbota: decoration of entrances, elevator lobbies and hallways on the residential floors. UNK project is the author of the architectural concept of facades of the residential complex, and the interior design has become a natural extension of the building’s exterior. 
   According to the co-founder and chief architect of UNK design bureau Julia Tryaskina, "The interior style is dominated by the aesthetics of the Stalinist Architecture with a touch of modernity. Thus, the typical 'herringbone' parquet is created by the natural texture of stone. The white background of the walls gives a feeling of lightness and freshness and the radiant color of the armchairs brings a charge of vivacity and energy to the interior. The main entrance staircase has been also implemented interestingly enough: on its stages, we made a "lawn", which is a natural extension of the yard. The slender cypresses contribute a great deal to the interior’s solemnity." 
   The complex have three front entrances with the total area of 150 square meters and more, with a ceiling height of 4.45 meters. There is a reception desk in each entrance group, where a concierge is on duty around the clock, and a comfortable waiting and seating area with a fireplace, as well as a children's play area. There are some bookshelves in there that can be used by future residents for cross booking. Panoramic stained windows further expands the space, filling it with light and air, and at the same time connect the interior with the green space of a large courtyard.
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