V.V.Putin and members of the government visited object of UNK project

   In the Spring the newly elected president Vladimir Putin who had arrived with a working trip to Voronezh visited the renovated Reception Hall. Earlier specialists of architectural bureau UNK project completely changed the architectural look of the building. Work on the project took no more than 6 months which is absolutely not a long term for such a scale project. As Julia Tryaskina notes, everything was made quickly thanks to being on the same page with the customer.
   For architects of UNK project it was not the first work with the state structures. In such projects the main task is to pay attention to details and the importance of the room itself. It was made for visitors to understand at once that they got to public institution at the moment they came into the room. Aim was reached in different ways. Firstly, simple natural materials such as stone and wood were used in the project. Besides initially the structure in Voronezh was fortunate . The hall of receptions is situated in fine “ Stalin building” which already in itself emphasizes statehood on proportions of rooms. It is very difficult to place attributes of the government into the small, unsightly room. And here everything was already established by the good architect. Therefore designers used various motives of Stalin architecture in their work. But at that they tried to give modern sounding to interiors, to make interpretation of statehood in 21 centuries. Masters of UNK project removed old panels, carpets, gray walls from halls and set light, volume, a stucco molding into rooms. That is associated with statehood nowadays. The customer approved the project without changes. As a result the object turned out to be modern, bright and original.