Y. Borisov’s speech at the “Building week in Moscow Region 2013” exhibition.

   Yuliy Borisov took part in the discussion of investment potential of the cultural property of Moscow region. “The destruction of cultural environment in metropolitan cities of Moscow region that started in the Soviet times is still underway, and it is very hard to stop this process. What is pleasant is that present authorities are trying to draw engaged investors, offering them restoration of ancient estates at reduced rates. But the estates are just a small part of historical-cultural area, the main layer of reformations hasn’t been started yet”, stated Yuliy Borisov, the CEO of UNK project, in his speech at the roundtable discussion “Saving leads to increase. Investment into historical heritage is an attractive asset”. 
   The roundtable discussion was held within “The Building week in Moscow Region 2013”. According to Borisov, cultural area is a part of economy, and in terms of good reformation it can turn into an attractive asset for any business. The main thing is to start collaboration and find mutually beneficial opportunities. In his speech CEO of UNK project also touched on the problems of reconstruction of cultural aspect in the cities of Moscow region. “I would like to focus your attention on national self-identification in the building area. Can you tell me if there are a lot of French villages in Germany and German villages in Italy? There are some, but the majority of buildings have complete national coloration. All the others are European styles. But in Russia, in Moscow region in particular, the proportions are very different. Here we can see a huge diversity of western conceptions but there are almost no villages in Russian style. It’s wrong. The style that is inherent for architectural concepts of our midland has to appear.” In Borisov’s opinion there are also a lot of problems in the so called private sector with its chaotic self-development. There is a lot of work ahead. “People sometimes seem not to know about architects”, noted Borisov. However there is a reason to be optimistic. It’s the town-planning resolutions of Moscow region government. It touches the number of storey limitation from 17 to 9 storey, the reduction of built-up density, “At the exhibition I saw a lot of interesting examples of creation of background environment that is necessary for reconstruction of cultural area. Now it will be possible to revive our cities, harmonize them”, the head of UNK project stated. According to Yuliy Borisov’s prediction it will be possible to solve some of the problems in 5-7 years.