Yuliy Borisov : the most widely spread mistakes in planning of villages

   Yuliy Borisov : “It is possible to design the village so that to sell quickly but thus long build it and all economy of the project as a result will suffer.”
     It is assumed that well-known western and Russian architectural bureaus are involved in planning of villages of premium, hardly rarer - business-class. A less optimistic situation is in the segment of economy class. Only 20% of projects are executed by leading architects, remaining 80% are created by forces of project workshops which work over conception to the level sufficient for the reception of documentation on building. Because of the desire to retrench there appear villages which are faceless and alike which moreover have a number of defects that increase the duration of the display of properties on the market. Yuliy Borisov the chief architect, co-founder of UNK project told about the errors in the design which often lead to disappointing sales results in the village.
   Link: http://www.domex.ru/press/1170630/