Julia Tryaskina “Terrace is like a butterfly. It should be bright, attractive, decorative"

   There are a lot of summer terraces in Moscow, and their number is increasing each year, which is good. The appearance of the terrace helps guests to take another look at the now-familiar place for meetings and informal communication. For the owner of the establishment it's a great opportunity to realize some original ideas and approaches. In fact, these are two completely different stories in one restaurant. Meanwhile, most restaurateurs do not show any special inventiveness in their design. Julia Tryaskina, an architect, an expert in Horeca, a co-founder of UNK-project, shares the secrets of creating flawless summer terraces.
   “In the summer everyone gets tired of the endless weekdays, with their stress and unresolved problems, at this time of the year they want romance. That's where the theme of the terrace arises. So not only the flow-in of buyers depends on the ways of its realizations, but also the whole image of the establishment. Now white color is in trend: white sofas, low tables, white curtains and white fabric ceilings. Thus Mediterranean style is being maintained. Dozens of verandas are decorated in this style. And if, for example, the label is removed from the terrace of any metropolitan restaurant, it is unlikely that it will be possible to distinguish one terrace from the other. But this trend is already five years old, and I am sure that it is necessary to develop further, finding new and interesting approaches. There are new up-to-date trends - eco-verandas with an abundance of trees or verandas in the Moorish style. This is what concerns the stylistic diversity. There are other moments. For example, we make terraces with big playgrounds in a restaurant chain of Bocconcino. Why is children's theme chosen? Because it is always relevant for the metropolis. If you take your child to the cafe, they usually get bored after half an hour, but you have plans for the evening, slow conversations and things of the kind. Moreover, there are always a lot of problems with fresh air at a cafe. And here in the place of the conversation you find a properly planned and well-equipped playground. That is, your child is both outside and in the cafe. And parents do not have to lecture their children every five minutes or worry where their kids are. Everyone is pleased.”
   Link: http://realty.rambler.ru/news/commercial/1970083/